The main purpose of the Board of Govenors is to oversee the running and management of the school. They exist in order to help the school improve wherever possible and assist the Principle in the execution of her duties.

All Boards of Governors consist of people who are representative of various interest groups. These groups may include:

  • Parents – elected at meetings of parents held for this purpose.
  • Transferors – nominated by those bodies (mainly churches) whose schools were transferred to the state or were superseded by state schools since 1930.
  • Trustees – nominated by the legal trustees of the school.
  • Teachers – elected from amongst the full-time assistant teachers in the school.
  • Board – appointed by NEELB.
  • Department of Education – nominated by DE.

Indeed the Board at Rosstulla School consists of a Chair, Dr Alan Preston and a Secretary, Mrs Fiona Burke(Principle).

The staff of the school also hold a representative on the Board and this is Mrs Cathy Gordon.

The remaining members of the Board are filled by members appointed or recommeneded by the Education Board  or the Department of Education and can come from various sectors of business and/or education. They are as follows: Mrs Hilary Bracefield, Ms N Dowey, Mrs Kerry Newman.

There are also two Parent Govenors appointed to the Board and these are Mr David Mullan and Mr Ronan Woods.

Often the above responsibilties are fulfilled in a voluntary capacity. Their time and effort is much appreciated and does indeed enrich the school community.

If you have any concerns or questions you would like to raise with the Govenors please feel free to contact them via the school on any of the main points of contact.